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Hi I’m Yasmin from Scotland I breed ragdolls that are Gccf registered on the active with breeding rights!
I am an extremely passionate cat lover and hobby breeder who’s passion for cats started at a young age
It is my aim to ensure that I provide the highest quality of standards that you can expect from a breeder with happy and healthy kittens that will grow to become long lasting companions, as a breeder I abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics

Our kittens are born and raised in our home, therefore will be well socialised, used to being handled and everyday noises and household activities which in our experience makes for a happier, playful, friendly kitten that will easily transition to their new home and family. Our kittens are given the very best start in life with love care and attention. We have many years breeding experience.

If you would like to go on our waiting list please advise your preferred sex and we will contact prospective new families in order of application ~ Please feel free to contact me using the online form.

Our modus operandi

(The way we do things)

A £200 non refundable deposit will secure your kitten and receipt will be given for confirmation and weekly updates, photos and video calls can be arranged.

Please remember these are indoor cats only they are best known for their docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.


Active may be considered for the right person.  Kittens will be required to be neutered by 6 months otherwise (which will be put in a contract).

Waiting List

  • No kittens available at the present time

If you want to be put on our waiting list, please fill in the form below with your name and email address:

Kittens will leave with:

Kittens will leave around 13 weeks!

Life-time support from us as breeders 


Why we stand out from the crowd

We build authentic relationships and as a breeder I feel you need to trust your breeder, I stay in touch with new family owners and go above and beyond for them and kittens I offer life time support and any advice or problems etc. I will always stay in touch via phone calls text and video calls.

WhatsApp Videos

We can host Video Calls via WhatsApp on request.

Rare Cats

I have rare lilac points female and male (price on application)

Lifetime Support

Life-time support from us as breeders.

Message Us

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for a kitten please feel free to message


More About Our Kittens

The Ragdoll Breed

The Ragdoll is a cat breed with a color point coat and striking blue eyes. Their form is large and muscular and their coat is silky soft and semi-longhair.

Ragdolls are known for their social, calm, friendly, gentle and affectionate nature. They have a tendency to be able to emotionally attune into their owners, and as such can be compared to having dog like tendencies, but importantly they are cats! As a family we love them dearly, Ragdolls have beautiful souls and personalities.

New owners will be provided with GCCF registration details of both parents along with their new kittens GCCF registration card along with the 5 lines of pedigree generation documentation.

As a word of warning be careful when considering buying any unregistered ragdoll and the potential implications by doing your research and always ask questions before choosing your kitten. Purchasing a GCCF registered kitten give you reassurance that the cats that have been bred have all been active registered. This means that these cats would have been registered with the GGCF for breeding, this permission can only be given by the breeder of the cat. The cats would have had to undergo clearance of HCM. Additionally, there will be reassurance when purchasing a registered kitten that breeding is out crossed, which will be evident on the pedigree 5 line generation.

Breeders who sell GGCF registered kittens need to follow protocols to ensure GGCF standards are adhered to. If you purchase a non registered ragdoll you can not be certain that you have an actual ragdoll with the true characteristics.